How do I find you if I don’t know you exist?

Thief_CharacterThe answer is simple – you won’t!  Oh! you’ll get all the charlatans in the world offering you panaceas of programs and promises of how to be found, get rich quick using their prog and so on and so forth and they’ll make the most outrageous claims like “I made $200,000 last year” or “This program will make you your fortune” blah! blah! blah! Alternatively, you’ll have the professional ones telling you they can put you on the top of the pile on Google with their SEO skills. Drivel!!!!  For a moment, maybe they can. Certainly, anyone can if you have an uncompetitive title or a well-known brand. Otherwise you’re being had!  Ye olde medicine men and carpet-baggers of old are still around. Alas, it is but fools gold, my friends.

Just to give you a taster of where I am going to take you with this truth, have you ever thought about just how many websites there are?

1,000,000,000+  That’s 1 billion!!!!!

Like grains of sand on a beach or stars in the sky, you’re virtually impossible to be found by accident. When it happens, it’s like winning the lottery and, frankly, the odds of that happening are far better. As an old company of mine used to say “In space, they say no one can hear you scream – well, on the internet, no one even knows you’re there”.

So let’s get started….

How many websites can you name or remember? Think about it and then CLICK HERE to be truly shocked!

If the guys who claim they made $X amount using the program they are trying to sell you ever did – and even if they did – have you ever wondered why they would need to sell you the program. For chri’sakes, if nothing else, you’ll be competing against them with their own weapon of mass distraction!!!


Lights! Camera! Action! Did you know that around 300 hours of video recordings are uploaded onto YouTube every single minute!

Just for the sake of comparison, there are roughly 701,000 hours in an 80 year lifespan. If you were to watch nothing but YouTube videos for every minute of your entire 80 year life, it would account for less than 2 days worth of YouTube video uploads.  Just imagine it – all the videos that have been uploaded onto YouTube only this week. If you were to watch them all – the ones that have been uploaded just this week alone – it would take three to four times your entire lifetime. Insane, isn’t it! Now, take all that content, which is already huge, and add up all the other websites, tons of radio shows, music sites, personal blogs, news, RSS and Atom Feeds and so on, and it’s right to say that what is created online in 1 second will take many, many lifetimes of a human being to read, watch and listen.

And who do we have masquerading as the givers of light? Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft.  Google owns Youtube, Facebook owns Twitter, Whats App, Snapchat and as for Apple well they dominate the phone and Apps market and the rest is owned by the behemoth that is Microsoft.

And you think you are free and living in a free world!  If you were, and you did, no company would be allowed to dominate any strand of the internet as they do. To make individual websites work and be freely available to be freely and easily found to level the playing field of these wretches I have mentioned above, we need a new way of discovering the billions of websites that are out there  instead of the usual suspects. Yet, ask them what they offer to make competition more available and they’ll give you a nod to Search Engine Optimisation, which I believe is a con and a sap to the concerns of the vast majority of the rest of us.

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