Another waste of time and space and benefits predominantly only one teeny weeny group – the creators!

Facebook claims to have over 1 billion users so that really makes them the daddy! That’s a lot of people.  For the vast majority it is simply a notice board that others can look at and to be frank it’s very juvenile, the very people it is targeted at. For business purposes it’s a disaster,  I think Facebook will go by the wayside sometime in the future as those – mostly women – grow up and move on with other things and the kids coming behind them will find something else they’d prefer to use. there’s always something new coming along.

In addition to the behemoth, Facebook, there is Twitter. Now, that has some uses alright. Very good for quick messaging and getting the word out but really is it possible you can ‘follow’ the comments of 10,000 others you are following or who are following you? No, of course not, it’s a nonsense. It is purely for the groupies to latch on to their favourite celebs and follow their occasional comments making them feel like they are their friends. daft! But it has another brilliant use (not much profit in it unfortunately for the creators) but it is a perfect too for a small group to use in a private way such as a business department or a family or a small group of friends. Overall, if it can afford to support it and the money-men leave it alone, then it will survive but it will never be what it had been hoped it would.

As I have a personal issue with Facebook and what I fear about it, you should definitely see Facebook is for Fools (Now deleted by Youtube but keep on the lookout for it as it reappears from time to time) if you want to understand ‘the real life in the new world’. Then again, can more than 1 billion people be wrong and I am right? Then there’s the professional or businessman’s ‘Facebook’ – Linkedin. What an awful schoolboy-like device this is and a way to try and attract the same fools that Facebook has but at a more senior level. It reminds me of my school days when they used to publish the school annual with all the credentials, achievements and developments of the pupils during the year and their history. Makes ya mad.  It’s an excuse for failure to present itself. Will it last? Probably.

The other one trying to get glory for itself is Pinterest. This is another notice board where you put up pics and follow others and add them to your board and hopefully they will do the same to yours. Nice collections but frankly it’s one for women as most social media is. The chattering classes as they might be called. For men, it’s about as useful as a bent penny in a toilet.

So, here’s your test…

How many websites can you name off the top of your head?

And if you name more than 40 out of the billions, you’re a bloody genius. You’ll only be naming the same ones as everyone else with one or two exceptions.

CLICK HERE and see the list. And this is just the USA (same as UK in most ways). Anyone know the top 10 in Ireland?