Under the pseudonym, Ardo Ci, I am the discoverer of Soulmate Code which explains that magnetite – a crystal – is in our heads next to the pineal gland and links us magnetically to the Earth’s magnetic field. This field controls our behaviour. Whilst people have always been in two camps regarding astrology and its validity, the discovery I am making is the reasoning behind how astrology works. At the time of birth when the waters in the womb break, the magnetic field is aligned in such a way as to predominate over our behavior and inform our attitude in life. This is fundamental and unchangeable and it comes in only 5 variations. From that, there are 15 potential one-to-one relationships but millions of possibilities as more people gather together in what the outcome of their interactions will cause.

If you ever wondered why some people work for you and others don’t, you can be sure western astrology has many answers. Some signs just can’t get along whilst others thrive but the Soulmate code is different in that irrespective of your natal sign or your Eastern animal (Chinese) sign they are ‘constrained’ by your magnetic leaning.

So, which one are you? 5 types. You can’t change what you are but if you understand what +/- configuration of yourself and especially is you will have a magic wand to dazzle and change all your relationships into success.

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