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This is especially true when you are creating a website or if you are looking to create your own affiliate marketing site.  Try instead. Anything but Google. The internet for business is in the hands of the few and here’s what Google has on the subject when blocking your website efforts….

So much for search engines and Google in particular.  It’s time to find replacements.

Soulmate Code – Discovery

Under the pseudonym, Ardo Ci, I am the discoverer of Soulmate Code which explains that magnetite – a crystal – is in our heads next to the pineal gland and links us magnetically to the Earth’s magnetic field. This field controls our behaviour. Whilst people have always been in two camps regarding astrology and its validity, the discovery I am making is the reasoning behind how astrology works. At the time of birth when the waters in the womb break, the magnetic field is aligned in such a way as to predominate over our behavior and inform our attitude in life. This is fundamental and unchangeable and it comes in only 5 variations. From that, there are 15 potential one-to-one relationships but millions of possibilities as more people gather together in what the outcome of their interactions will cause.

If you ever wondered why some people work for you and others don’t, you can be sure western astrology has many answers. Some signs just can’t get along whilst others thrive but the Soulmate code is different in that irrespective of your natal sign or your Eastern animal (Chinese) sign they are ‘constrained’ by your magnetic leaning.

So, which one are you? 5 types. You can’t change what you are but if you understand what +/- configuration of yourself and especially is you will have a magic wand to dazzle and change all your relationships into success.

Click here to visit the website and if you would like a copy of the book you can obtain it from Amazon under the title SOULMATE or MAGNETICALLY FATED but don’t forget to come back!

Web not good for humans

No, it certainly isn’t good for humans.

It’s the biggest encyclopedia in the world and has everything an ignorant human race could possibly want but that makes it dangerous. It’s a Pandora’s box of educational delights – every conceivable thing you could ever want in the way of information is available.

But that’s good, isn’t it? No! It definitely isn’t. You see, the first law of anyone in power is based on the question: “how do I keep this?” And information is power. If we all have power we can remove these monsters, good and bad, but if they police what we know, can know or can avail of, then they get the upper hand again. So, as sure as eggs is eggs that’s what they are going to do at the first opportunity. The thought police are already in evidence.

In 1975 a film starring Robert Redford called 3 Days in the Condor depicted a simple book reader who worked for the CIA and his job was just that – to read books all day long to see if there was a code within any publication of if there was a message. That was BC – before digital. Imaging what they must be doing in the age of the internet! Email snooping is barely the half of it.

No, be afraid, be very, very afraid. In the next 50 years all your current freedoms of rights and expression will be gone forever and you will be driven to exist at the behest of the machine in the hands of the operator – your master – the leader. It has taken 15 years so far to make people wake up about what really happened in September 2001. That should be enough of a warning signal. It’s cool though to note now that some 70% of all Americans finally do not believe the government story. So, the truth will out eventually, but not completely and the real culprits have got away with again just as they did with JFK, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Speaking of ‘King’, as in the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, he (the king in this case is the government) has no clothes at all. The people have taken off the sunglasses.

So, what are we left with? A machine called the internet more and more in the hands of a very few and open to abuse by the governments of the world as they most certainly will be doing soon, if they are not already doing so in some places.

Look Up is a spoken word for the “online” generation. Written, performed and directed by Gary Turk, it is an extremely important life lesson for our youth.  Children are growing up in a world where they don’t play outside or communicate with their friends. It seems today everything is done via text message or over the internet. It’s heartbreaking.

Web not good for business

No, the web is not good for a lot of business. Oh! it’s great if you’re a well-known brand like Harrods or Tesco, Walmart or Sears. But what if you’re Joe Blogs Emporium or Bill Gates Tyres? So, people use the behemoths like Amazon (who will soon rule the internet universe of shopping) but most others use Ebay. Take a look at this video if you think Ebay are there to help YOU – in fat you are there to help THEM…make profits.

 For the vast majority of websites they may as well be grains of sand in the Sahara – they will never be found except completely by accident. Let me show you what I mean by referring you to the social media aspect of internet.

When it comes to SOCIAL MEDIA…

Here I am trying to entice you to buy these products from my Amazon account. I get commission if you click and buy. Anyone can do this.

Search Engine Musical Chairs

I call them that because, in effect, that’s the way they operate. Look – how many search engines do you think there are? HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS! Yet, Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask are the most in-your-face and in that order and the main one is Google. It irritates the breath out of me that many’s a person I have come across that thinks Google search engine is the Browser. Of course, this hasn’t been helped by the behemoth introducing its own browser known as Google Chrome. But, still, you get the point. There are so many search engines it’s unreal.  They all vie for your attention and to such an extent now that there is a need for a search engine to search for search engines. Ultimately, I believe the search engine will be nothing more than a news link provider. Websites will be, as they almost are already, lost in the fog and many business websites will have to rely on their own efforts to be found and used by a selected audience. My worry remains that as we reach critical mass point, governments will simply hijack the search engines and Orwell’s 1984 will be in full evidence as they use it to manipulate what we are provided with. It has already happened as I write this where Google has begun to excise information at the legal behest of the EU.

Not good for business; not good for the human race.


Need to know SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO, The Window To Your On Line Presenceseo


SEO or search engine optimisation is the bane of website life but if you have a website, then you should already know that having a high ranking on the search engines is the key to successful Internet marketing. This article is designed to provide tips and tricks to improve your search engine ranking. It is important that you learn how search engine optimization operates. Ideally, humans would decide which sites receive the coveted higher rankings. Because of how difficult this system would be, it is easier for computers to choose the ranks.

Increase your Web Page ranking

SEO is the means by which you can increase your web page rating on the search engines and get more visitors to your site.A variety of factors influence your search engine rankings. The relevance and frequency of keywords in titles and subheadings can affect rankings. How active your site is another factor, as is the number of links that lead to your website.Keep in mind that search engine optimization isnt something you finish, but its an ongoing project.

Take every possible step that you can to get the most out of your SEO.

To get the most out of your seo, for example, use content that has a good keyword density, including titles and sub-titles as well as the main text. Look at how many times the keyword seo is being used here. Perhaps you have noticed “featured results” when you type in a word on popular search engines. You can purchase these links for your website. They can however be expensive. This is the only option that allows you to pay directly for favorable search engine ranking. There are many ways to optimize your website other than keywords and key phrases. Increasing links is one great way to improve your seo ranking. Linking includes outgoing links from your website to other websites, incoming links from other websites to yours, and interlinking your own website.

A strategy for increasing the number of links for successful SEO


SEO is vital if you want to reach your target audience and there is more about this below. However, one SEO strategy for increasing the number of links is to negotiate exchanging links with other website owners. A target demographic is a way of describing a group of people that share a common quality or trait that would make them more likely to purchase your products or services over others. You will always have traffic from visitors that randomly discover the website. Browsers wont drive sales like people that are looking specifically for your products and services. If you can grab the attention of your target demographics, you will enjoy heightened success with less effort than it would take to win over your incidental traffic. It is essential for every business to have a website and seo is essential for every website. If you have a website that sells or recruits clients from the Internet, then having a website is not just a good idea, but an absolute necessity. These ideas can help get more visitors to your website to purchase your product.

More Information:If You want to develop a system to build organic Links this article helped me to find an answer: is another great site that really clarified the mystique of SEO: .

What is SEO all about? You might well ask.

Basically, search engines have the dubious task of providing the enquirer with the information they want. Given that there are now billions of websites and only a finite number of words in the English language – even when americanised – there is a limit to what they can portray on a page. Often you’ll see ‘275,666’ pages or some such found for the word or thing you’ve searched for but, naturally, VERY FEW LOOK AT ANYTHING AFTER THE FIRST PAGE. In fact, very few actually look below the first four or five entries.

Coming on top is therefore ESSENTIAL.

That’s where SEO comes in.  SEO is basically using tricks – every trick – to get that pesky search engine to bring a website to the top or near top of a particular search. To that end, ‘experts’ get called in and spend all their time paying for adwords, putting up links, correcting meta tags and god know’s what else, plus ensuring the website of their client has all the right headings in the right way, proper content laid out in such a way that the robots love and links to other sites that will feed back.

And ‘Robots’ is the key here. You see, search engines are automatic in what they do and that means robots trawl the internet looking for changes and anything new to be collected into their vast machinery.

That’s where the problem lies. Think about it! Not everyone can come out on top and those that do, not for long. It’s like treading water and climbing up a slippery slope with slippery shoes on and it’s pelting with rain. Not quite a waste of time but near enough. And it costs a fortune. On top of that, Google, in particular, but all of them, in general, capitalise on delivery by offering the top spaces, the side and, indeed, the most prominent positions to those who pay them. So, mainly the big boys, as usual, have the high ground. Below those PAID POSITIONS the few below them are the most prized.

That means that everyone is playing the game of SEARCH ENGINE MUSICAL CHAIRS

Look up, wake up, become alive again

Go anywhere these days in the UK (especially) and that includes the moribund Republic of Ireland (a wing of the UK in all but government propaganda whilst remaining faithful to the DEVILera of grovelling to Adolf and the Germans) and US and you will see very few if any reading a newspaper or a magazine. NO, THEY ARE ALL LOOKING DOWN AT THEIR COMPUTERS! Hey! We are friendly we human beings. We like to say “Hello”.

If you realise what is happening, you may just wake up and smell the roses.

And here’s why…….

I have a website; what I actually need is traffic

Did you know that the average small business owner spends $400/£400/€400 and 20 hours per month on trying to market it?

But despite all their hard work and money spent, 8 out of 10 businesses go bust every year! It’s pretty clear…

Hard work and endless spending is NOT  the answer to your traffic problems!The world is suffering from a serious case of Attention Deficit Disorder (…and if you want to cut through the noise and stop people in their tracks, you’re gonna need a bigger, better megaphone!)

In this year of 2015, people will consume 15 hours of media every single day
(and that’s just in the US alone.)

On top of this “mountain of media…”
… our brains are bombarded with over 300-700 daily marketing messages too.


WebsiteSuitor! I promise.

Forget About Online Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

“You can watch the money roll in without lifting a finger.” “Kick back on the beach as your profits soar.” “Wouldn’t you like to make a living while on vacation?” You’ve likely heard all of these pitches before. If you’re involved in the online business world at all, odds are good you have.

These pitches are the main marketing points of passive income sites. You know, the tried and true Internet marketing campaigns that promise the world without any work? Yeah, those. So many people swear by the passive income business model. And hey, if it’s working for you, great. A success story is a success story.

But I have a bit of a bone to pick with the whole idea of “passive income.” Because in reality, I don’t think there’s anything passive about them at all.

I know that’s a pretty bold claim, especially since the concept of generating passive income online is so prevalent. But I want you to stick with me for a bit while I discuss why I believe this to be the case and how you can embrace these decidedly impassive sites to build revenue using WordPress.


What Is a Passive Income Site?

According to Investopedia, passive income can be defined as any earnings someone brings in “…from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which he or she is not actively involved.” Sounds simple enough, right? And in fairness, the concept is pretty simple. Passive income is money you make while not doing anything.

As far as how this applies to the online world, there’s very little difference in the definition. I like how it’s defined at Real Passive Income Ideas, actually:

“…passive income streams simply come from assets, and assets are either bought with money (eg rental property) or […] bought through sweat (eg ebook).” — Richard, Real Passive Income Ideas

Whatever your asset, be it a home or an autoresponder course, the idea is to put it out there then let it do the work for you. And then you can lounge on your deck, kick up your feet, and watch as the moolah rolls in.

Passive income sites act as a central hub for your online moneymaking activities. Like a portfolio or a resume site, a passive income site works to promote something on your behalf. However, unlike these other kinds of sites, you don’t actually have to do any work to make a sale.

So far I’ve been talking about all of this in pretty abstract terms. It’s time to change that and get down to the specifics.

Some Ways People Make “Passive” Income Online

In all reality, any business that involves selling a product is passive in some way. I mean, once the product is developed and created, you’re not actively creating it anymore; rather, you stand back and watch as people buy it and your bank account grows. But when you hear people talk about online passive income, they’re referring to a specific kind of business and specific kinds of products.

A Blog Site with Affiliate Links

One of the most popular ways to earn income passively online is by starting a blog and populating it with affiliate links.

So, the idea here is you’d create a site about a topic you enjoy or have some knowledge of already. You’d add new content regularly as you should with any blog.

Then you can sign up for affiliate programs for products or services related to your blog’s topic and include links to these things in your posts.

You can also include links or banner ads in your site’s sidebar for the affiliate programs.

A blog site is about as low-cost as you can get in terms of starting up and it can be quite low maintenance. Once you get your initial content up on the site, you can outsource new posts and so long as those affiliate links are included, you can—in theory—watch your bank account grow while you sit back and relax.

An Online Store That Uses Dropshipping

Creating a product to sell is decidedly active, not passive. And selling other people’s products is active too when you have to build your own store and maintain inventory. However, if you use dropshipping, all you have to do is set up a store and drive was web traffic to it. Everything else is handled by another company and you walk away with a share of the profits.


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