How many websites can you name or remember? 500? 100? 50? Well, if you can name even 15 you’ll be top of the class.  Besides the usual suspects, there will be a few peculiar to you or your personal needs like High Street shops you knew of or big names who’ve transferred their interests to the web but, after that, it’s a wing and a prayer time as you will only ‘accidentally’ or by enquiry through a search engine, come across websites, most of which you’ll forget as soon as you’ve looked at them.

I suspect you will struggle to name even 15 but here’s my go…
A bank
A broadbank supplier
A fav newspaper
A betting/gambling shop

I wonder how many on your list will be the same as mine?  Ok! now cross them out and see how many you can name?

Frightening, isn’t it!  Given, that there are over 1 billion websites, it ought to come as a bit of a shock.

Well, here’s another shock…
All, if not nearly all, are owned by Jewish people and most are gathered to generate and operate in the same area, Silicon Valley California. Isn’t that amazing?  Clearly, there’s no doubting the cleverness and success of them.  I love it, but you can see the same pattern in other disciplines that have been world-wide consumerist successes – the film industry and the music industry.

In the film industry, all the major studios were owned by Jewish people and they were clustered in one base – Hollywood. In the music industry, all the main publishing companies, agents and managers were Jewish people predominantly based in Tin Pan Alley, London or California added to which there were a great number of very talented Jewish people in the Media.

Don’t misunderstand what I am pointing out here! That Jewish people have cornered the market in successful web provision is a success to be recognised and applauded and the same goes for the film and music industries before it. Jewish people have the talent and resources to achieve that so that’s to be heralded. No, what I am exposing is the nonsense of the corollary to it which is found in the following question…

If there are over 1 billion websites, how come most of us can only name a pitiful handful owned by an equally small handful of similar people?  It shouldn’t make any sense at all. Yet, it is a fact.

When computers first came out there was Amstrad, Commodore 64 & Atari all big winners and leaders and all successfully owned and managed by Jewish entrepreneurs. What the hell is wrong with everybody else that they can’t do the same?

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