Heard of Wordrank? Don’t touch it with a bargepole!

WordRank is top of the tree for ‘selling’ carap!  It promises something which it only appears to deliver but by the time you suss it out you’re in the net and there’s no response from them so you can forget trying to get your money back unless of course you use the best service in the world – PayPal.

  • Find thousands of red-hot keywords within seconds
  • Generate unique articles with the push of a button
  • Get #1 rankings through top SEO optimizations

Here are the claimed features of WordRank

  • Fully-cloud based
  • One-time fee – Cheap at (c)$30 and would be brilliant if it worked but frankly you’d be better off spending it on a good bottle of hooch
  • 3-in-1 top SEO software – possibly but who says and in any case it still doesn’t amount to diddly squat
  • Newbie friendly: The ease of use for WordRank is stunning allowing users to harvest keywords, create articles and seo optimize them within seconds! YES! it’s perfect for newbies who can be easily drawn in.
  • Complete training: From installing the app to maximizing its potential, we’ve got your customers covered!This is true but its largely a repackaging of the same old same old about SEO and how best to use it. For why this is drivel in my opinion see other articles on this site.

WordRank Review – How it works?

Watch the demo video below to see WordRank in action and have a look at its functionally and features.

after that forget it! Or maybe you’d rather believe in fairytales and carry on regardless in which case GOOD LUCK