With almost half the world’s population now on facebook I can assure you if you are one of them, you are a fool! Pretty soon this ridiculous device will become part of the international government’s weapon against the human race! Oh! you don’t think so? Well, please I’m not trying to say you’re dumb and I’m smart. I’m trying to wake you up. For example, in the UK did you know there is a subvention of the national law and finance, which are the two fundamental keys to setting up a country? Take Birmingham, there are no less than 15 Sharia courts who dispense law within the confines of islamism to the dismissal of British law which they pay lip-service to whilst at the same time, High Street banks offer Sharia accounts!

So, let’s get real, you are being corralled by this horror – the internet – completely 1984 in its development and Facebook will be its rope.

Watch this and Delete your account with Facebook…before it is too late (it may already be)