There are over 1 billion websites so the bottom line is that on the Internet you don’t exist. Blog, shop, advisory service, whatever – to all intents and purposes, if you have a website and especially if you have a business website, you really do not exist.

Because, for all the promise from gurus, you can’t be found unless by accident or you pay huge sums of money out to the few who run it like Google or Microsoft – a better name for them would be Gaggle and Microhard.

How do I know this for a fact? Well, besides the obvious logic to be found in my opening statement, tell me how can I find you if I don’t know you exist?  Pot luck, that’s the only way. Then there’s the usual suspects like Ebay and Amazon and the few internationally recognised online versions of regular retail shops or specialists who have a serious reputation and there’s the commodities markets closed on everyone else.

Worst of all, is ‘updating’.  I had the good fortune to stumble on one of the greatest music programmes I ever used and it was simply terrific. No sooner had I got to grips with it than I was forced?/encouraged to download the latest version. It promised additional improvements and add-ons and it was disastrous! Full of bugs, unusable and worst of all they wouldn’t let me go back to the version I had.

So here for your delight is something to tickle the parts…

And that is a key factor in the life of crap technology. Everything is driven to change and update and eventually do so to the point of non-existence. You see, they have to. If they don’t, their market is gone because their customers are happy but their investors are not! So Apple and Microsoft continue to do the same for the same reasons. Apple are particularly cunning in this regard because not only do they change their products they force the programmes’ suppliers to change their products too and it is often to the customers dissatisfaction – gross, in my experience – I really do hate Apple but I love their design. As for Microsoft well, I haven’t been happy with them since Dos 3. Windows is a shambles and now Windows 10 is the worst they have ever created. Its only saving grace is it’s free but even then it’s not worth it.

My advice – even at this late stage in the technology development stakes – is that when you find something that works for you STICK WITH IT. Don’t change it, don’t update it. If possible and if you want what enticingly comes with an upgrade, buy it separately, and the materials that go with it. As a friend of mine once said to me, the problem is we want them to do everything if not too much but ideally we should just single them out to do one thing and one thing only and then you’ll find they are marvellous.

And guess what…he was absolutely right.