A director of the Bank of England announced in November 2015 that within 20 years no less than 15 million jobs will be lost to robots in the UK.

Think about that! It’s at least 50% of the working population.

So, you might well ask what will people be doing. Well, the truth of the matter is they won’t feel obliged to work. They will have been prepared by re-education in the intervening years. Here’s what the director of the Bank of England also said: “We work to earn money, to buy food to live. That kind of thinking will have to change”

Effectively, the new technology that has enveloped our lives between the Internet, Apple, Microsoft and Google (Facebook & Twitter as a nuisance) since the late 1980’s has established the groundwork for us to be enslaved by robots. As a perfect example of what I mean, take online supermarket delivery boys, Ocado. A few guys in the City of London got the money to set up an online supermarket. Now if I had gone looking for the money (millions and millions and millions it would cost) to do that you would have been right in thinking I was MAD! There are enough supermarkets in the UK already who dominate the market so what on earth would anybody think about me starting another one. But they did and it is UNBELIEVABLE. Acres and acres of building housing a robotic environment, the likes of which you can’t imagine and at the very tail end of the line are a small row of human packers similar to checkouts who themselves will be the first to be replaced when the time comes.  To see the machinery in operation is to realise that the director of the Bank of England knows what he is talking about.

Robots or “Bots” as we call them in the internet world (another word for machine automation) have dominated the potential greatness of the web into now, potential, uselessness as we will become party to the machine.