Web Not Good for Humans

No, it certainly isn’t good for humans. It’s the biggest encyclopedia in the world and has everything an ignorant human race could possibly want but that makes it dangerous. It’s a Pandora’s box of educational delights – every conceivable thing you could ever want in the way of information is available. But that’s good, isn’t it? No! It definitely isn’t. You see, the first law of anyone in power is based on the question: “how do I keep this?” And information is power. If we all have power we can remove these monsters, good and bad, but if they police what we know, can know or can avail of, then they get the upper hand again. So, as sure as eggs is eggs that’s what they are going to do at the first opportunity. The thought police are already in evidence. In 1975 a film starring Robert Redford called 3 Days in the Condor depicted a simple book reader who worked for the CIA and his job was just that – to read books all day long to see if there was a code within any publication of if there was a message. That was BC – before digital. Imagine what they must be doing in the age of the internet! Email snooping is barely the half of it. No, be afraid, be very, very afraid. In the next 50 years all your current freedoms of rights and expression will be gone forever and you will be driven to exist at the behest of the machine in the hands of the operator – your master – the leader. It has taken 13 years so far to make people wake up about what really happened in September 2001. That should be enough of a warning signal. It’s cool though to note now that some 70% of all Americans finally do not believe the government story. So, the truth will out eventually, but not completely and the real culprits have got away with it again just as they did with JFK, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Speaking of ‘King’, as in the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, he (the king in this case is the government) has no clothes at all. The people have taken off their sunglasses. So, what are we left with? A machine called the internet more and more in the hands of a very few and open to abuse by the governments of the world as they most certainly will be doing soon, if they are not already doing so in some places.