4 Transmitters 0 Receivers

Dynamic, energetic, passionate, enterprising, adventurous, restless, competitive, leadership skills, strong, single-mindedness, loves a good laugh.

In a word, ‘hellraisers’. From battlefields to business, this ype like ‘order’. A perfect flanker in a rugby team, they are prepared to wait and can be stubborn, which is another word for determination.  They are also friendly – friendly to everyone.  Very ‘surface’, they are ‘people’ people and love getting ‘stuck in’ and working hard. They have incredible energy and they appear to have a child-like honesty about them and their dealings with other.

Oddly, not many of them ever do rise to be the one in charge and I think this is the reason – they can’t hide their honest endeavours to do what is often necessary. This can annoy others; hence, their rocky road to the top. But when they do reach the top, they can be tenacious, unflappable and, sometimes, ruthless.

It would be a mistake to think that they will have a blazing personality. They may have.  They may not.  Take, for example, J. Craig Venter, the man behind the human genome project that promises to transform our lives in the near future. He is 4+. He does not have a blazing personality. In fact he comes across as highly personable, a nice, reserved, softly spoken, subdued individual.  Now compare him to another of this electromagnetic field (EMF) type; Oliver Reed. Here we have the seemingly ultimate extrovert – loud, brash, unbridled thrusts of energy and occasional menace. Another was the great actor, Richard Harris, who was like both of the aforementioned at different times in his life. Despite their learned self, scratch the surface of the 4+ and the innate self is a serious, dedicated and committed party to whatever task they undertake.

The pace and direction of the electromagnetic pulse makes these people thrive on expression and feed off holding court. They have no ‘receivers’, just ‘transmitters’. It gives them great expulsive drive in their behaviour seeking no respite or withdrawal from the daily challenge.

Strangely, they think they are quite laid back whereas, in truth, they are quite pushy in doing anything and can sometimes be like an express train through a station. They have a superabundance of unrestrained, nervous, energy bubbling just underneath the surface like a volcano, ever ready to erupt. This can sometimes cause them to hurt or give offence and, in turn, be hurt or take offence, but their intention is the opposite – they just want to say it like it is.

They reach out to others and see everyone they meet as ‘new hope’. They are from the ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ brigade, full of energetic derring-do, and display carelessness with it to boot.  They will give freely of themselves in communicating with others.  Later, in their quiet moments, they may question themselves, worried that they may have offended someone in some way unnecessarily. Then, without retaining any malice, they will shrug their shoulders and act as if “these things happen” and accept their fate. They love company and thrive on new relationships. They energise in crowds but especially so when it is new company.  In turn, it energises them more.  If the company is returning the energy then it becomes even more intense.

4+ types are big in their bearing and make grand don’t-ignore-me type entrances to events.   The females, vivacious, the males lively, they are sharp, quick and perceptive.  Their energetic minds will subtly, but swiftly, discern the situation they are in.  On the other hand they are given to self-deception and can appear to be shallow or light but what do you expect from the ultimate exhibitors. These are the utmost in individuality but they can be manipulative and callous from time to time.  They make extremely cold enemies but warm and protective friends – however long it lasts, which sometimes is not long.  They blow hot and cold with their relationships faster than the day turns to night.

As they can’t be controlled, they always tend to be in danger of going over the top in their behaviour. Above all, they love to impress.  Certainly, we all like to be liked and they, of course, do, too, but it can at times feel like an inconvenient feature of the human condition to them and it is quickly discarded without care if and when they lose control.  Despite their dedication to the purpose, they can change their minds more often than the weathermen.  Their attention has to be constantly corrected as they cannot hold a steady course for long. But for the time they are dedicated to their purpose, like heat-seeking missiles.

And they aren’t always team players either, remaining somewhat self-centred. They like to be the boss. But they are highly personable, colourful individuals in group situations. They are uni-directional, expecting things to be done “their way”.  Yet, for all that, they can very easily withdraw from the fray and happily go it alone.

The key issue for this EMF polarity type is there is no ‘Receiver’  in their make-up, no inlet valve. Without a ‘Receiver’ there can be no absorption of external influences. That does not mean 4+  types are not affected by external influences. What it means is that they do not absorb, gestate and exchange like the rest of us. They simply can’t. Instead they use what they hear or see to parry back with, like a bat striking a ball. Another way of understanding this is in observing what happens to a stage performer, especially a comedian, when confronting a very appreciative audience. Effectively, what they ‘pick up’ stimulates them but it does not slow them down or make them deviate off-course. They are target driven, focused, obsessive even.

It is said that if you want to achieve a goal you have to imagine yourself doing it first. That way you become geared to the objective. Well, 4+ types are extremely single-minded and, in every case, they will achieve what they set themselves.  In that way, they are innately successful. No matter what they decide the purpose of their existence to be at any given time they will wholeheartedly commit themselves to it. This is a real talent that they have and we can see it as the essential characteristic in many a figure on the world stage – see famous .

On the face of it they may appear to be part of the crowd.  However, they are never part of the crowd. They are soloists. They stand apart from rather than as a part of groups even whilst being within them. They bounce off people rather than integrate with them.  This can give out a lonely, stand-off position in their dealings with others whilst you will always see them desperately strive to appear to be engaged with everyone if that is the requirement.  Others, however, sense their real position, which is disinterest in anything but their own. It is not quite selfishness, rather self-centredness. Remember, they do not have the capacity ‘to receive’, so it is not calculated.

They can be unusually generous. The purpose can sometimes be to ‘buy’ into the other person, a fast track to find their flaws.  As part of their polarity, they will latch on to people from time to time and be totally devoted to them. They are known to sometimes seek to control or manipulate them because their way is the only way. This always results in stress. Once the flaws appear they can switch to a completely opposite view of you and the generosity immediately ends. This can make them appear to be cold and shallow and can cause enormous disputations around them. Loyalty is not their strongest suit; intention is.

It may be good or it may not be. That does not necessarily matter to 4+/0- types. They can be dangerous with what they say.  They do what they do and say what they say without real consideration – and for the benefit of – their own position.  As they get older they realize it may be better to temper their outspokenness occasionally than risk another fight.

When they have certain natural artistic talents, they can be incredible at producing the goods. Again this is because these  types are driven.  They can’t stop themselves from doing what they do and the outcome of that is more of the same talent repeated over and over. Their dedication to their task is simply like breathing to the rest of us.  Only they like to decide when it’s over. And when they do they are just as dedicated at turning their back on it.

That said, they do not often come to the fore.  Fewer world leaders than you might expect have come from this type. Only three out of 15 British prime ministers and five out of 43 U.S. presidents have had this magnetic field.  And just one in Russia – Boris Yeltsin.  Possibly because they are very honest in who and what they are and some types do not like being disarmed by their openness. It makes them appear sloppy in their utterances or weak.

When they fail, they retreat with resigned acceptance, sort themselves out quickly and bounce back as if nothing had happened.

When they truly head their own domain, they are quietly demanding enough to be respectfully revered by those around them in a God-like manner. When that doesn’t happen they prefer to disconnect themselves from that person or those people.  They essentially like to be told how well they are doing to dispel the doubts that naturally arise when left alone.

This type are great survivors.  They can take whatever comes their way with a pinch of salt. Unlike their polar opposites, 4- types, who have fantastic powers of absorption, the 4+ types are shielded from all outside forces. So, when life gets hard or tricky or they are faced with some degree of annihilation, the slings and arrows simply glance off them like they are protected by an invisible shield.  And really a force-field is what it is because all their magnetic energy is directed outwards so nothing can penetrate it.

The direction of the 4+/0- energy is ever outward and this underlies the conditioning that makes the personalities achieve what they do. Personality is arrived at by a combination of influences including, background, education, acumen, astrological signs, gender and many other things.  Given the make-up of those elements, you then have the level of achievement, and the arena in which the individual operates, to contend with. All of these are masks to the code.  In terms of polarity, 4+/0- types all behave the same way.  This ‘way’ is the engine to their machines and they can, and do, achieve great things and behave in exactly similar ways with each other because of their polarity type. Regardless of profession, wealth or upbringing, all will display the same tendencies, cause the same reactions and react the same way to the world around them. It can of course be masked by the materialistic world a moment of conscious ‘best behaviour’ but put any of these in a rugby field with a ball, in a specific position with the right positioning of team-mates and I’ll tell you the score!

When they meet others who have the same polarity type they inevitably clash with them. Like trying to put two magnets with the same polarity together, it can’t be done. They repel one another.  They push each other apart. It would be evident if you were to find more than one in any group.  If you do find more than one in the same company, it is either because there is no other way. These are circumstances where there is no way out and the result will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. The potential for a lot of feuds and emotional eruptions, disruptive behaviour patterns and competitive exchanges will inhabit the environment.

That said, they always show a devotion to family; a loyalty, which will be subjected to the same demands as any other. ‘My way is the only way’.  They may fall out with some family members from time to time but they will always be drawn back by their need to fulfil their devotion to what they perceive as one of their life targets. And once they have aimed at a given target, that’s it, they are locked on.

In summary, they are straightforward, relentless, unstoppable, tenacious and forthright. If you need to get something done and you happen upon one of them, count your blessings because you have hit the jackpot – it will get done!  And quickly.  In fact, so quickly, it will probably make your head spin. Whether they do it themselves or arrange for it to be done by someone else they will become your captain. They can cut through the dross like a hot knife through butter.

Such powerful beings, they fearlessly confront the issues in a way the rest of us can only envy. That said, their commitment to the achievement is unequalled yet it is that very thing that makes them so difficult for others to be able to get along with them.  They push, push, push and sometimes find it hard to listen to others. They have such rigid faith in themselves that they can overcome anything so well that they easily dismiss consideration they might otherwise give to anyone else’s thoughts on the matter. They so much want to be part of the group but they can never be. They are always going to be alone as the pinnacle serving others.  If I could give them a gift it would be the gift of at least one Receiver . Without this they remain apart from rather than a part of whatever process they are engaged in but what wonderful drivers they make to ensure things get done.

Energy is one thing they have in abundance, notwithstanding a medical condition, albeit temporary or permanent. This is their electromagnetic pulse. One enhances the other. They also have a lot to say and are not easy to restrain when holding court. Even the quiet ones of this type can let you have it with a quick glance. The energy pours out of their eyes like a ray-gun. In simple terms, these people, overall, have an intensity of character – the energy emission is non-stop.

Let’s dance!

4 Pluses


In personal relationships

A 4+ meeting another 4+ for the first time will be very gratifying for both.  Naturally eclectic, they will converse about anything and everything, energising each other to burnout and ‘burnout’ is a given. It is a relationship whereby the energy is routed in the same direction but not towards one another.  Like trying to push two magnets together they actually push each other away.  They are initially attracted to one another and, indeed, in small doses, make fantastic combinations but invariably they realise they are going nowhere as the flow of energy is going in the same direction anyway so no effort needs to be made.  Ennui sets in, as neither of them has a ‘Receiver’ to allow the energy to exchange places. Therefore the capacity to receive is only an impression they give to enable them to pick selected ammunition from you to retake the authority of their exchange.

Their relationships with one another can be summed up in the old adage “hail fellow, well met”.  They can be the life and soul of the party but its all surface.  There is a distinct lack of substance.  The promising balance initially found in their own type’s company dissipates in time leaving them with a feeling of “what next”?  They can, and do, often become frustrated by one another’s company.  We’re talking two different rails of the same rail track – going to same place and maybe, simultaneously but, definitely, independently.

4+with 4- will begin in the same fashion and the 4+ will tire out before the 4- ever tires of soaking up their energy. This leaves the 4+ clamouring for more ability to satisfy the demands of 4-.

Whilst this situation is better for the 4- it is less than perfect for the 4+ character.  They need a more responsive partner and, whilst they enjoy the fact that the 4- absorb their every living breath, they intermittently crave more of a threat coming back even when they know it will cause them hassle.  But this is the best electromagnetic configuration the four transmitter types can hope for.

As for being with those with 3+/1- types, they are not magnetically destined to succeed but they love one another for the energy. There can be an awful lot of sparks.  Neither side gives way in close combat but the relief point is in the one that allows for the necessary breathing space.  Still, the 4+ will continue to blaze a trail whatever the outcome. They overwhelm the three transmitter types who are no shrinking violets.  There is not enough to absorb the positive and highly dynamic energy flow of the four transmitter types.  There needs to be more receivers. In relationships of this type they usually feel the need to be independent. The 3+/1- over-react from time to time as a result.  This resistance is vital to the four transmitter types, which is why they court danger in seeking out others with the same or nearly the same energy levels as themselves.

Those with a balance of 2+/2- are also well able to deal with  types.  Again, though, there is a lot of dicing with death, and for the fulsome, driving and dangerously living 4+ that is fine but it is very tiring for the other party who retreat, and need to retreat often to recover, after which they come back very happily for more.  On the whole, this is a very sparky relationship, which can work, but not without the odd thorn.

The same is true for their relationships with 1+/3- types. But this is like the cat playing with the mouse. The cat just wants to play and unless he becomes bored – which is most often what happens – he will kill the mouse but absent-mindedly or dismissively without any lucid intention. In simple terms 1+/3-  are marginally a more attractive proposition for 4+ because they are three parts receivers and can soak up the light of the four transmitters whilst at the same type being able to spit back occasionally with the power of their one transmitter that can give as good as it gets.

The best relationship 4+ types can opt for will be with their complete opposites, 4-  but, frankly, they probably wouldn’t recognise it because the latter absorb everything and, as I have said, I know how much they love danger rather than comfort, which they will not get from those with four receivers.  They are, magnetically, a perfect match but the key to magnetic success is most often found when there is one extra transmitter  between the two. It acts like a kicker. Here, there is no excess – one pushes, the other pulls.

Whilst 4+  types should opt for 4- types, and the latter can take all they have got, I find the 4+  types will actively seek others with lots of plusses even though they are bad for them because they are more stimulating to their magnetic type because of the sparks. They need to be unchallenged whilst secretly desiring the opposite. Overall, while the latter two, the 2+/2- and 1+/3- are their best bet, I believe 4+ who love danger, will favour the buzz and guaranteed masochism that will come from one of their own, which is as rare as snow on a hot tin roof, or choose trying to crush the spirit of a 1+/3-  and forever be in the wars


Some Famous 4+ types

Theodore Roosevelt – US President

Pearl Bailey – Singer

Prince – Entertainer

Aretha Franklin – Singer

Emily Dickinson – Poet

Annie Oakley – Wild West Entertainer

Clint Eastwood – Film Star

Chuck Berry – Entertainer

Paul McCartney – The Beatles

Craig Venter – Human Genome Project

Sandra Bullock – Actress

Brian Wilson – Beach Boys

Donald Trump – Property Magnate

John McEnroe – Tennis Player

Debbie Reynolds – Actress

David Cameron – Prime Minister of UK

Tony Blackburn – BBC Radio Personality


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          4 Transmitters 0 Receivers


Note: There are some intentional errors that can only be identified from understanding the system or from personal knowledge of the person. This is to prove the veracity of the system.