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And here is a simple understanding

Imagine you have a magnet

  1. It has two ends (polarities), one of + (plus, repels) and one of – (minus, attracts)
  2. Put two magnets together and if the plus of one is connected to the minus of the other, they lock
  3. But try to connect two magnets of the same ends (polarities) as + (plus) with + (plus)
    and they will push apart;
    or if – (minus) with – (minus)
    and nothing will happen.
  4. One magnet is what you have from the astrological MONTH of your birth
  5. But actually you have two;  the other is from the YEAR of your birth
  6. Hence, 4 poles, 4 polarities, 4 ends.
  7. How they connect is the key to humanity
  8. There are only 5 human magnetic types
  9. Which one are you?