Famous Couples

1st Person PolarityCouple2nd Person PolarityScale Polarity
1+/3-Michael Caine & Shakira Caine2+/2-4-
1+/3-Michael Fox & Tracy Pollan3+/1-7+/-
1+/3-Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson3+/1-7+/-
1+/3-Mark Hamon & Pam Dawber2+/2-4-
1+/3-Keith Richards & Pattyi Hansen3+/1-7+/-
1+/3-Danny Devito & Rhea Perlman4+/0-3+
1+/3-Johnny Cash & June Carter1+/3-2-
1+/3-Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee2+/2-4-
1+/3-Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington2+/2-4-
1+/3-Julia Roberts & Daniel Moder3+/1-7+/-
1+/3-Elton John & David Furnish2+/2-4-
1+/3-Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor2+/2-4-
1+/3-David Beckham & Victoria Beckham3+/1-7+/-
4+/0-Prince William & Kate Middleton0+/4-4+
2+/2-Prince Harry & Meghan Markle2+/2-5-
2+/2-King Edward V111 & Mrs Simpson3+/1-6+
4+/0-David Cameron & Samantha Cameron3+/1-1+
4+/0-Dwight Eisenhower & M Eisenhower3+/1-1+
4+/0-Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy2+/2-2+
0+/4-Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn1+/3-1-
0+/4-Ant McPartlin & Declan Donnelly2+/2-3-
0+/4-Bill Gates & Melinda Gates4+/0-4+
3+/1-Julie Andrews & Blake Edwards3+/1-5+
3+/1-John F Kennedy & Jackie Kennedy2+/2-6+
3+/1-Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward2+/2-6+
3+/1-Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka2+/2-6+
3+/1-Emma Thomson & Greg Wise3+/1-5+
3+/1-Doris Day* & Martin Melcher2+/2-6+
2+/2-Peter Sellers & Lynne Frederick3+/1-6+
2+/2-David Niven & Hordis Tersmeden2+/2-5-
2+/2-Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick2+/2-5-
2+/2-Jamie Lee Curtis & Christopher Guest2+/2-5-
2+/2-Ozzie Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne3+/1-6+
2+/2-Mel Brooks & Anne Bancroft1+/3-4-
2+/2-Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara0+/4-3-
2+/2-Jennifer Saunders & Ade Edmondson3+/1-6+
2+/2-Sarah Geller & Freddie Prinz Jr1+/3-4-
2+/2-Simon Le Bon & Yasmin Le Bon3+/1-6+
4+/0-Gary Barlow & Robbie Williams4+/0-0+
3+/1-John Lennon & Paul McCartney4+/0-1+
0+/4-George Michael & Fadi Fawaz3+/1-6-
2+/2-Barak Obama & Michelle Obama1+/3-4-
1+/3-Gilbert & Sullivan3+/1-7+/-
2+/3-Sir Jason & Dame Laura Kenny3+/1-6+

*NOTE: There is a highly contentious public disagreement over which year of birth is correct, 1922 or 1924. Doris Day gave the latter year during her career and elsewhere. However, census records and her biographer (David Kaufman) cite the earlier year. The latter would make her 4+ but here we give her as 3+/1-.

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